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Fuzz Dungeon Is The Result Of Licking a Bufo Toad While On DMT

wish i could get a bufo toad lol

dude this game is so wild. i've been a fan of your stuff for a whle. "sometimes dealing with" was gifted to me on steam and it's what made me start digging into your catalog. you got anything new you're working on?

oh cool thx so much! yeah workin on a new thing but won't be out until later next year. i put updates on twitter steam page should be up before this year ends.

How do I claim the steam key if I own this game?


if you got it in a bundle there's no steam key. if you purchased it, it's somewhere in your library maybe on the project page. itch doesn't make it super clear/obvious but it is there. there are plenty of keys left that i submitted.

I adore this game's sound track, the game is just too big to run on my lil crappy desktop so i've just been zoned out listening to the ost for a while <3


nice thanks so much! sorry the game can't run on your pc, tho! :(

not a problem! you made some amazing art and im glad i can still enjoy it through watching others on youtube play it  or just listening to that sweet sweet ost (is there a way to get a hardcopy of the ost?)


the entire ost isn't in hard copy but Chris Parrello and Lobby Hotel (the musicians) did make a really nice LP of one of the tracks. you can pick it up here:

u are a god send! <3

I love this game so much, pure creativity is rare 


I literally adore this game so much. You know the emoji of the angry eyebrows plus crying while laughing? That was me during some of these levels, in the best way. Absolutely bonkers and poignant and trippy.

thank you very much!

Another part in the series, for a beautifully crazy game!

thanks again!!

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I don't think I'm supposed to be liking this game as much as I do. That said, I don't care. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Don't tase me, bro. [EDIT:] The only thing I don't like about it is that it ends. I guess I'll select 'stay and party with us' next time through.

thanks so much for playing and the nice comment :)

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The 'two years of your life for a game that sells for $3.99' really stayed with me, and made me sad. You might not even care, but I bought the game again over at Steam, and the excellent soundtrack as well. (<-- Well, well, well.) It's only $3.99 for each from me, but it will help to assuage my guilt at the thought of you working for two years for *no* profit from a fundraising bundle. ^_^ [EDIT: Also? Your visuals BEG to be screen captured.  On this platform, I kept hitting [F12] to no avail!]  Thanks for writing, and again, for the fun. On my next playthrough, I'm gonna pay very close attention to mental health subtext. Potentially really interesting stuff there, I think.

Aw thanks so much for the support and nice comments! Keeps me going :)

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None of the bundle games come with a Steam key unfortunately

Honestly love this game, It does put a strain on my eyes sometimes due to the crazy colors and everything being batshit crazy, but its sooo worth it lol.

thanks so much for checking it out and making the vid! glad you enjoyed it!!

Ima be doing more parts on it, seems like there is so much more i didnt get to see


This game isn't worth 4$.
This is just not good. It shut down my PC and half of the time it doesn't even work properly. I mean yeah I get it but come on man the first "level" is just a bunch of random FLASHY Textures.
I got it from the Ukraine bundle but definitly wouldn't have chosen this game.



I installed your awesome game Fuzz Dungeon this morning. It seems to be running smoothly on my PC however I did receive one error notification when extracting the game files using 7Zip. 

See attached screenshot. 

If you could kindly advise if this is a benign error message or a precursor for a potential instability when running the simulation. 



Hi be honest I have no idea. I have never seen this issue before. If there is any trouble I would delete and uncompressing again to a different folder or something. Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks Jeremy.

In the eclectic world of video games, it takes a lot of talent to create an artistic slant so unique as the one you have curated. Thankyou. 

I wish you the very best of continued success and happiness in whatever mediums you explore. 

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thanks so much for checking it out and making a video! 👽😎

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I like your aesthetic, but I keep getting stuck on the very first screen. When I talk to the characters on the left, something goes wrong with the textboxes and my character stops registering all movement inputs unless I restart the level. Running this on Win 7.

I'll give it another shot at a later point, but this issue makes me hesitant to talk to characters in fear of erasing all my progress.

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I had that issue twice but only in the office. I didn't have any issues after that point! (windows 10)

Oh, nice, thanks for telling me. That makes me less worried about giving this another go. Once I get past the office it should be fine.

I'm fuzzin' cousin. I've got a new favorite developer.


Hey thanks!!

haha woah!

You have stolen the sasquatch sex amulet

I played JEF and made 3 of my friends play it so I'm excited to do the same with this

seeing this in the ukraine bundle after playing JEF was so crazy



I'm not a weed eating communist that watches lots of p0rn but wow this game is great, would recommend everyone buy it!

haha thx!

OST bops, art bops, writing bops, whole experience bops


Hey thanks!

dude this looks outta this world, why isn't this game more popular?

thx so much!!

what this looks amazing 

thank you!

my totally biased review: i love this game, it's heart beats with all the best themes of the jeremy-verse.

thx so muchhh :)

will there be a soundtrack link?

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the musician decided the best way to listen to the soundtrack is by hitting the "simulate" option in the main menu.