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Aliens terrorists have stolen the machine to reincarnate you. Go get it back. 

Alien Afterlife is an 3d adventure game for the PC.

You die and float off into the after life. But aliens suddenly invade and steal the mechanism needed to reincarnate. Explore different levels of the bardo while you gather back the pieces needed for your rebirth.


This game was released in February of 2017 as part of an art show through Yours Mine and Ours Gallery in New York.



-Takes around an hour to finish the main game

-4 levels and new challenges when the main objective is completed

-Game pad support

-Original music, narration and assets



Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Aliens, artgame, Experimental, reincarnation, Sci-fi, Unreal Engine


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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I bought this on steam, dude... DUDE! please make more of these trippy ass games, theres nothing like them on the market. As a guy whos done a copious amount of drugs, this whole game puts a smile to my face from the comedic surreal writing to the situations it presents. To all those even questioning wether to buy this or not, don't even question it, buy it.


Hey thanks! Working on a few more things for the spring

quick question: How is this version different from the steam version?

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Thanks for this. It's the same version. I just changed the description. I had some old text on there from a beta. 

ok cool, you can delete my previous (and this comment) if you wish. thanks for this game, im looking forward to playing it and hope you continye giving us more trippy walking simulators! the drugs can only do so much, but the worlds created to venture in are the real treat!

Playthrough from the future:


Man...No words... It´s a journey... a fantastic journey!