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**This current version is for an exhibition at Denny Dimin gallery in New York from May 23-June 30, 2019**

(some networking features only work on Steam)

This software is morphable to what you want it to be. It can be a small database of games, a downloadable art show, a simulation, a moving painting, an album, an existential crisis, a talisman, a play, a meditation, a spell, a forest, a distopian nightmare, a joke. 

The amount of interaction and exploration is not a ton. If you explore and play through everything it would take maybe an hour or so at most. 
-There are small games and walking sims to play on machines in abandoned buildings.
-You can chat with other players in the multiplayer mode and see if they are human or machine
-There is a band and a small secret lair
-There is no beginning or end
-There is no winning or losing

And there is an infinite, dramatic cycle of accumulation and destruction: 

Hit the number 3 key. You can choose the perspective of 3 NPC actors or a stage overview. They are acting out an absurdist play. They are the sole survivors of a human apocalypse. They are trying to procreate to start civilization over again but they’re having a hard time. They are sending emails to nowhere, gossiping, meditating, taking naps, cleaning up. They’re collecting artifacts around the stage and building a machine. When the machine is done it generates an AI and then blows up. 

To see what the NPCs do you can leave the simulation on at a party, in a room while you are doing other things, etc. It could run for many hours and you will see, read and hear different things. 
If you have a few computers you can link them up and see different perspectives at once. With multiple channels of the atmospheric sounds it becomes a sort of instrument or generative album as well. 

Before you download, I encourage you to download the 100+ page manual which I am giving away for free. Click the “View the manual” on the right hand side of this page and download it. 

Music by:
Glamour Lakes - glamourlakes.bandcamp.com
X-Coast - soundcloud.com/x-coast
RipCD - ripcd.bandcamp.com

-This is not for everyone. If you’re looking for some fun, addicting type game with slick mechanics do not download this.
-Play in single player mode, start a server or join a server. LAN works but usually from the .exe directly rather than from the app inside Steam.

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TagsPost-apocalyptic, Unreal Engine


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Does the dev ever read these things? 

Hey there Mr. C 

I just wanted to reach out to tell you that I’ve only glanced at the games you have up on steam or here, and haven’t actually played anything yet (to be honest I doubt I ever will based on my backlog), but I think it’s so weird and amazing that you would put up that simulation one for a buck, yet have a huge downloadable manual that I couldn’t even begin to imagine reading let alone writing. I’m sure you get a ridiculous amount of annoying messages asking “what you’re on”, so I won’t be doing that, but I will ask “have you ever seen something really F-d up that would make you believe that this really was a simulation (or at least seem to operate like one - if that makes sense)?If you’ve never heard of the Mandela effect, I’m referring to that. I was unfortunately given the “gift” of eyes to see, but apparently the big guy skipped out on putting in a processor to understand (basically I’m really dumb, and all it does is freak me out, and put me into a worse depression than I already had). Anyway, just curious, take care.

The pizza man sounds very depressed.

I found a secret lair and fell down a hill before I could explore it. 

My character is very colourful, I like this game :)

Does the bundle include Steam keys?

i'm not sure but feel free to email me for any keys - jeremycouillard@gmail.com