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Unzip, open the folder and open LittleGhost.exe

If you have an Oculus or Vive connected, it should tell immediately and after a short wait, the game will start. If you take the headset off, the game will restart after 15 seconds. Enter restarts the game. Esc quits.  You should be the height of the characters in the game. Around 60cm /25 inches tall or so. If you are not you need to move your sensors around. 

If you don't have a VR headset connected, you can play it like a regular video game. W/A/S/D to move, space to jump, mouse to look around.


The actor in the beginning gives you instructions. You are incorporeal and to get your body back you have to create a 7 syllable word. You find the syllables hidden throughout the level. You move wherever you look. As you find the syllables they appear in the sky.  You don't need controllers.

The VR challenge of the game is to be able to move around and find the pieces of your word. Some characters in the level make it challenging to move around. You really need to look all over and when you get stuck you have to figure out how to get unstuck. I think this is ideal for standing.

It should take around 10-20 minutes in VR. Probably around 5 minutes without VR.


-The headset tracking might need to be adjusted. When you run into a wall you shouldn't go inside it. If that happens just back up or adjust the headset cameras. If that doesn't work let me know.

-There are 7 cubes. You should be able to get all of them. When you go over them they make a noise and disappear. If you can't get all 7 you need to adjust your headset trackers. 

-Not tested on a Vive at all. Let me know if you're able to complete on a Vive. 

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i love these trippy vr stuff

itch is never clear about where or how to pay! I've named my own price Hildegard. Now what do I do with her?

Seriously, I'd like to buy this game. How do I go about that?

Also, I shake a tiny merman fist (though not my own) for there being games of yours I knew nothing about. I'm very glad to have found more of them here on itch.

haha wow deep reference to the tiny merman fist XD  thx for that one

don't worry about it this one is free ,just enjoy it. it's too weird and short to cost money to check out lol thx tho

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Dayton resident here, this is by far the most accurate representation of my city in the history of video gaming

(I played without VR and had a great time)

haha yes! been waiting for someone from dayton to play this. 

Everything you do is gold!

thanks so much!

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Hi! had a little bug and the musician's cube didn't spawn so i couldn't complete the word :(

If you want more info to try fix it send me a message.

Nice game btw!

I'm not sure how to describe this game but its fun to walk around in.

Thanks for playing!

Short and psychedelic. I really liked the surreal world you created here. Keep it up!!!


This looks excellent, any plans for a Mac release? I'd love to play it. 

Thanks! No Mac release, sorry :-(